“To me the sea is a continual miracle;
- the rocks
- the motion of the waves
- the ships with men in them,
What stranger miracles are there?”

Walt Whitman

Learn To Sea is run by the Bantham based Marine Biologist Maya Plass. She is passionate about Devonshire’s coastline and can draw from a wide variety of professional experience:
  • From her undergraduate and postgraduate studies in BSc: Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology and MSc : Coastal Zone Management.
  • From her work experience in the National Marine Aquarium as a guide; in Argentina on a sustainable tourism project in coastal Patagonia; on the River Exe on a European estuary management project and as a volunteer for a variety of marine education organisations.

When necessary we may also use volunteers who will have a degree in a relevant subject; an infectious enthusiasm for the coast and a friendly and encouraging manner.

What? Learn To Sea will offer a safe, fun and engaging program catered to suit your specific requirements, centered around an exciting exploration of our rockpools.

Activities for Sea School and Summer Sea School include:

  • Rockpool rambles
  • Seaweed presses
  • Weaving willow fish
  • Microscope work, looking at plankton shells etc.
  • Seashore scavenge for mermaids tears and purses
  • Marine litter workshops.
  • Workshops for adults/children on a chosen marine topic.
  • Sand sculptures

With curriculum links to:

  • Plants and animals in the environment
  • Habitats
  • Adaptations
  • Environment & Feeding Relationships
  • Variation & Classification
  • Ecological Relationships

The beach is an ideal classroom and can lend itself to many other curriculum units and disciplines. This
might include local history of shipwrecks, an opportunity to look at the coastal defences and issues of
erosion, or as an inspiration for art, drama and creative writing. The options are limitless and all
possible, contact us for more information and to discuss your ideas and requests.

Why? Using Learn To Sea offers your children an opportunity to connect with their natural, marine
environment, learning science in a fun, engaging and safe way.

When? Sea school will be run during term time from April 2008 at South Milton Sands. Summer Sea School will run through the school holidays offering children a more relaxed but still informative session. Please contact us for booking and more information.

Where? Learn To Sea is located at South Milton Sands near Thurlestone. This is an excellent beach with lots to offer!

How? With the children’s safety at heart we will take children through a day of beach activities and games from sand sculpting to rockpool rambles to being entangled in the “web of life”. The children have a huge array of colourful and strange species in the rockpools to be stunned by and we have some fantastic equipment to make this an experience that won’t be forgotten! We have underwater hydrophones to hear the amazing sounds of the rockpools; digital microscopes to see the huge variety of tiny plankton; fishy games; keys and guides to follow and much, much more! Book now to find out all there is to sea and hear on our shores!

Tel: 07811 349966 info@learntosea.co.uk